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I have been with Dr. Haas for the past year. From the moment that my family had contact with the professional staff of Dr. Haas, action was fast and swift. Everyone had your best interest at heart. I was having problems with my colon; Dr. Haas had explained the procedures where a common person can understand. To be honest with you, I had some doubts and fears about having surgery at first, but after very well conversations with Dr. Haas, I knew that he cared about me and that everything was going to be fine, I could feel the peace in the tone of his voice that put my fears at ease. Before, during, and after the surgery, there was consent contact with his staff, helping me through the process of recovery. Three months after the surgery, I was back lifting weights, not as much, but lifting. When talking to other family members and friends about this doctor, that he is a very skilled professional in the area of colon surgery Dr. Haas professional staff helped me recover much faster with my best interest in mind. They were all very caring in everything they said and did. It has been almost one year and I feel much better, and I’m much healthier.

C. Burton

During a colonoscopy being done by my gastroenterologist, six polyps were found. Only five could be removed at this time, due to the fact that the sixth one was too large to be removed with the scope. My gastroenterologist recommended Dr. Haas, stating that “he was the best in the business”. I immediately made an appointment for consultation. Wait at office on consultation day was minimum; staff was polite and very professional. Dr. Haas reviewed my file sent to him by my gastroenterologist, explained my procedure, hospital stay, and recovery in detail and a surgery date was scheduled. For it being the first surgery in my 58 years I had no concerns when I left his office.
On the day of surgery (Tuesday) everything went well, and before I knew it I was in recovery with my wife & son at my side, even my wife who is a 15 year registered nurse was very pleased with the way things went. Doctor made several visits during my hospital stay and after two days, with very little pain I was discharged (Thursday). I took one pain pill that Friday and the last one Saturday morning (total of two pain pills after discharge).
Had follow up visit 20 days after surgery with no issues, didn’t look or feel like I even had surgery. He did state that if I had waited another month for surgery, we would have been talking about chemo because the cells were starting to change.
I was back at work, working half days after three weeks and full duty after four weeks. I’ve been encouraging my friends and family to have their colon checked as soon as possible, don’t wait 58 years like I did. It feels so good to hear a doctor say “No Chemo Needed.”
I could go on & on with nothing but good things to say about Dr. Haas and his staff, but I’ll stop here.
Thank you Dr. Eric Haas & staff
I know I’m blessed to have you in my corner.

Harold C.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Haas and his staff. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer after my first colonoscopy, with absolutely no symptoms. Needless to say, this was something I never expected to hear. I live in west Texas, but have family in Houston and was encouraged to come to Houston to see Dr. Haas, at least for a second opinion. My brother-in-law was the first in our family to have experienced treatment from this amazing surgeon. He literally saved his life! I agreed to come to Houston, and after meeting Dr Haas there was no question that I was where I needed to be for my treatment. Dr Haas did two surgeries to remove the cancerous tumor in my rectum. He then referred me to an Oncologist in Houston where I underwent chemo and radiation for six weeks. I have no doubt that Dr. Haas was the reason I am cancer free today. I have since that time been able to refer another dear friend from Midland to Dr. Haas who also has been diagnosed with rectal cancer and he is undergoing treatment in Houston as well. I think Dr. Haas is a brilliant surgeon, and I do not feel anyone could be in better hands than his. His entire staff was very encouraging and helpful to me as well. On my last follow-up visit last week I informed the staff that a picture of Dr. Haas is on my screensaver at work, right along with pictures of my late husband and my grandchildren!

Terri S.

Dr. Haas was outstanding in handling my procedure and follow up visits. I highly recommend him and his associates. He made me feel very relaxed with his mannerism and professionalism. Thank you for a job well done.

Therrel H.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was very delicate and the first impression I had is that I will die soon. Then I asked for a doctor’s name and they recommended Dr. Eric Haas. Since the first visit I had in his office, my fears disappeared, and when the doctor closed the door to his office and sat in front of my family, he explained everything about the treatment had to follow and always responded to questions that my children and husband were asking from that day. And despite how long and difficult it has been, in my recovery, I have always felt safe in the hands of this fantastic doctor. I just want to say thanks because there are doctors like you. Thanks.

Eugenia P.

Dr. Haas, I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Sweatt here in Lake Jackson only found 2 small polyps last week for my annual colonoscopy. He also pointed out to me that your surgery sight looked as if “NO ONE HAD BEEN THERE!!!” Truly amazing. Thank you for a job well done! You did my reversal Dec. 28, 2010. By coincidence only, we married off our 27 year old son on Dec 28, 2012. Could you imagine a Dad not being there for that! Thanks Dr. Haas! You do good work!!! Needless to say I was celebrating doubly that day. I hope life has been to you and your staff as well as you have helped mine to be. Happy New Year. God bless you and your team of professionals at CSA.


I am very happy to do this for Dr. Haas. I literally feel he changed my life in a matter of a first office visit and getting a correct diagnosis after a year of being told I had a condition I didn’t have and applying a medication internally I didn’t need. Dr. Haas was thorough, corrected a small problem he saw I had that I was unaware of, and then getting me on the right track with a non-prescription cream to take care of my problem with severe itching. After a year of being so uncomfortable, in a matter of two days of getting the right cream, staying away from trigger foods that irritated me, and learning that the things I was doing to try to help the problem were actually making it worse, I am doing so well. I can’t thank him enough for seeing me in a timely manner and making me feel so comfortable with an embarrassing problem. His associates and office staff have been excellent.


I was able to make a 100 mile trip to help my oldest son change the fuel pump on his truck - still wearing the ileostomy. And that's my first grandson, Kade. I remember when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, I told God, "I just got my first grandchild; I have to enjoy him!"


I was referred to Dr. Haas by a Gynecologic Surgeon due to several issues concerning pelvic prolapse. He listened to my complaints and ordered tests to determine the type of surgery I needed to improve my condition. At all times during my journey from diagnosis to surgery, I was very impressed with the competency exhibited by Dr. Haas as well as his genuine concern for every aspect of my well-being. Dr. Haas is highly skilled in the use of Robotic Assisted Surgery and my surgery was without complication. I recommend Dr. Haas to anyone who is need of treatment by a Colorectal Surgeon.


When a person hears the words, ‘I’m sorry, but the pathology indicates cancer’, it can be a very traumatic time.
My first response was to ask what was next.
This is the point where it is critical for a doctor to do several things. They must communicate clearly what the known extent of the problem is, what options the patient has available, and a sense of confidence in being able to help the patient.
Dr. Eric Haas did all of this extremely well.
Following each of my surgeries, Dr. Haas and his staff showed a concern for my well-being. In doing so, Dr. Haas did something a patient needs…he conveyed the feeling that as a patient, you’re not just a number or some illness, but rather, an individual whom the doctor cares about.
In addition, Dr. Haas’ competency with the da Vinci robotic surgery system I believe has contributed to my rapid recovery following each surgery.
Due to my experience with Dr. Haas, I would recommend that anyone facing a colorectal surgery seek him out. He is, in my opinion, the best surgeon for these procedures I could have had anywhere in the U.S.


My surgeon suggested including Dr. Haas in my case because of the need for a subject matter expert in colorectal surgery. My case involved the takedown of a colostomy after complications arose during previous surgeries. My surgeon had experience working with Dr. Haas and specifically recommended him because of Dr. Haas’ experience with surgery following complications. Also, my surgeon said Dr. Haas was kind and would be a good fit personally with me.
Dr. Haas exceeded my expectations, not only of being extremely personable but also of being a skilled surgeon. My surgery with Dr. Haas was a success and he made me feel confident throughout the process that my previous complications were well within his abilities to address.
Dr. Haas’ staff, assistants and fellow surgeons at CSA have taken care of me during this process. They have my highest esteem and have done a wonderful job seeing me through this.


Board-Certified Surgeons Specializing in Colon and Rectal Surgery